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Zhongtian Hanson has always adhere to the "create products for the industry, to create value for the society" the enterprise mission, invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources for product development, intellectual property declaration, to build a standardized quality control system, the enterprise has been approved and pending product documents are: more than and 30 herbicide products, 8 fungicides 8 products, pesticide products, 3 seed products, 5 plant growth regulator products, 2 original products and more than and 100 registered trademarks, 2016 will gradually improve the enterprise's product line, improve the market competitiveness of products fundamentally. 2015 EIA, safety assessment, fire all through the acceptance. At present, the company is a high-tech enterprise, Xuchang famous trademark, Henan province famous trademark, Henan province contract and trustworthy units, Xuchang key support enterprises. Promote enterprises to high efficiency, standardization, standardization, direction. Zhongtian Hanson has always been adhering to the "equality, cooperation, learning, innovation, dedication, responsibility, gratitude, win-win" spirit of enterprise, committed to building a "learning oriented, innovative, growth oriented" high-quality staff; the spirit of "best and perfect" business philosophy, focus on development goals, to lead all staff together, share success, sincere invitation to friends and dealers around the transit Hanson Road Development in the service to "three agriculture", bearing the more social responsibility, to enrich the China fight for Chinese granary, farmers rich, create brilliant.


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